When my husband first mentioned to me that he wanted to build a house, I said to him, “That sounds wonderful. But, you will need to find a new wife first.”  My answer didn’t thrill him. I was terrified of the whole prospect.  He persisted, and several years later, we found ourselves with a prime piece of property in Southport, Connecticut.  We then set out to find an architect and a builder.

My husband and I interviewed multiple companies, but I vividly remember my feelings at the conclusion of our first meeting with Segerson Builders. I felt a surge of excitement and relief. I felt confident that we would be in the hands of a team that was highly experienced, organized, and HONEST.  They had a firm plan and a business model that took all the anxiety and guessing out of the equation. Soon after, we signed on the dotted line and got right to work.

We showed them a photo of our dream house and explained to them we had a high-end, beer budget, but champagne taste. They created an itemized, “no-surprises” spreadsheet and explained where we could be more frugal and where it was worth splurging. They didn’t go a dime over that agreed budget.

We told them we didn’t have an architect, but knew our floor plans had several challenging areas to layout.  Their skilled design sensibility enabled us to skip the architect, and use only a draftsman, saving us thousands of dollars

We explained that my husband travelled extensively and could not make their weekly meetings.  They showed us how to use their GOTO meeting technology. They enabled my husband to participate in every meeting, no matter what country he was in. 

We told them we were on a tight time frame.  They created a timeline by which decisions were to be finalized and tasks completed.  They gave us an expected completion date and as promised, we were able to move in ten months from the day we broke ground. 

Segerson Builders is not only a team of expert builders with a passion for what they do, but a group of people who are thoughtful, caring and genuine.  They held our hands through every step of the building process with intelligence, thoughtfulness and lots of laughter. They turned an overwhelming project into an enjoyable, rewarding labor of love.

We now have a fabulous, jaw-dropping, well-constructed house, we are immensely proud to call our home.