I am happy to be able to recommend the services of Segerson Builders since we were extremely pleased with the work they did on our home at 130 River Street in Southport, Connecticut.  The project included extensive new construction and it was, from start to finish, a thoroughly positive experience.  

The Segerson Builders team, which included John Segerson, Rich Bilacic, and Kerstin Santa, was wonderful to work with.  As individuals, they were responsive, professional and thoroughly reliable.  The questions we had were answered in detail and to our satisfaction, and issued when they arose, were attended to quickly.  Billing was straightforward and clear, and any changes were dealt with promptly.  The work was beautifully executed and, as a rule, problems were anticipated before they arose.  I would not hesitate to recommend Segerson Builders, and especially this project team (Segerson, Bilacic and Santa), to anyone.