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The happiness of our customers is our singular goal. Creating joy in our customers' experience is the by-product of combining our superior building systems with a rugged moral code emphasizing honesty and fairness.

 We really enjoyed working with John, Pam, Rich, Steve and the rest of the Segerson Builders team. From someone who has personally managed many industrial construction projects, it was a real treat to work with a builder who is as professional as Segerson Builders. We got a high quality house that was built on an aggressive timeline that you executed to perfection despite some really severe winter conditions. The quality of the job is outstanding. The customer service and planning you told me about before we started the project is something that really separates Segerson Builders from ordinary builders.

Laurie and I will also be thrilled to provide a great reference for any potential clients. We are already telling everyone who will listen that Segerson Builders is the best builder in the area and that they should use you for any projects they may have. If any potential client wants to see the high quality work that you do, Laurie and I would love to show them the house. Feel free to tell any potential clients that they can look at our house at any time. Thanks again for the great experience. It is obvious that you all really care about making your customers happy. Your hard work and high standards really separate you from your competition.

Paul & Laurie Fairfield, Connecticut

From concept to clean-up and even after the home is built, the professionals at Segerson Builders do not rest until every detail of your custom home is exactly the way you want it.  Problem arises after moving in?  No problem – they are on it immediately.  We have friends who have built homes and once they move in (or before!) the builders seem to disappear – on to the next job, with no continuity and long lead times to get things right.  Not the case with Segerson Builders.  Their customer service is legendary, and always with smiles on their faces.  They realize your hopes and dreams for the future are wrapped up in your custom home, and they take great pride in making those dreams come true.  Highly recommend.

Kate & Keith Westport, Connecticut

Segerson Builders built the house of our dreams on time, on budget, and beyond our expectations.  I have been a professional Interior Designer for 50 years (!!!) and was delighted to find that the team really worked AS a team and made the whole project more fun and more successful functionally and aesthetically than I had anticipated.  We are totally happy with our new house and with the process that brought us to this point.  Our project was managed on a cost plus basis and was brought in 10% under budget.

Bill & Alice New Canaan, Connecticut

Most professional and qualified builders that I have ever worked with in the last fifteen years. Performed detailed walk through and assessment of materials, labor, cost and timeline of the project. Provided us with written details of every item and cost. Stayed true to budget (and delivered below original quote) and completion date. Delivered solid advice on what was necessary and what was not. Their workmanship and quality of contractors were of the highest level. Extremely honest and respectful of our time, house and budget, Can not say enough great things about Segerson Builders.

Veronica Westport, Connecticut

When we decided to design and build a modern home, one obvious concern of ours was choosing the right builder; we would be building something outside of the comfort zone of most builders. We chose Segerson Builders because we felt they brought professionalism, expertise, and an experienced team to the project, and we were not disappointed. Far from being stymied by challenges, they were able to craft solutions to issues unique to the building of modern homes. The team at Segerson Builders were able improve upon some aspects of design, and their ability to work with the architect helped the project move forward and finish on time and on budget. Their flexibility and imagination enabled this house to be the house that it is today. Four years later we are still very happy with our home.

Steve & Jacquie Westport, Connecticut

Segerson Builders did a fantastic job on a difficult remodeling job.  Our home of 38 years was built 75+ years ago.  It’s finished 3rd floor has limited access.  We wanted to remodel the space for better use.  Jeff and the crew came up with numerous suggestions to make the project go smoothly.  Working with Pam Brennan was a dream. Segerson Builder’s project management software keep my wife and I, our architect, and the crew all in sync.  The project was completed on time and in budget.  I cannot recommend them higher.

Emmett & Kathy Westport, Connecticut

I have had the privilege of working with Segerson Builders many times over the last fourteen years, and each experience has been absolutely wonderful. They are incredibly organized, do excellent, high-quality work, and the people on their team (both on-site as well as office staff) are some of the most delightful people I have ever worked with. Whenever they are brought on board to build one of my designs, I not only feel confident that the work will be executed exactly as I intended, but I also rest easily knowing that my clients will be very pleased as well. 

In addition to producing excellent work, Segerson Builders’ process during construction is worth noting. With regularly scheduled site meetings at every stage, an organized note-taking system, and an attentive, friendly staff, the process is sure to be efficient, thorough, and as stress-free as possible. For these reasons I am always eager to highly recommend them to my clients.

Browning Residential Design Westport, Connecticut

I wish there were more stars to give. Segerson Builders did a large-scale, total renovation for me. Their workers were top notch. Working with them was a pleasure from the beginning through completion. The quality of their workmanship was superb across all phases and systems. And equally importantly, their follow-up on details, making things perfect and right, continues with the same quality and responsiveness. From the beginning, they promised that I would be happy and satisfied in the end. I am.

Andy Fairfield, Connecticut

We started the process to find a builder for our custom home build and one name kept coming up in our research - Segerson Builders. We did our due diligence with other builders in the area. We decided to go forward with John, Steve and the rest of the Segerson Builders team and we couldn’t have been happier. The professionalism, craftsmanship and process they brought to our project was more than we ever expected. Timely meetings with the team kept all parties, including ourselves, on task. We all truly worked together as a team to create the home on a tight timeline and a tight budget. They knew when to push us for decisions but also when to give us the time as we needed it. Steve’s expertise in antique homes helped us achieve the look and feel we wanted, while giving us all the modern amenities you would expect in a new home. Towards the end of the project, we were made aware of a major quality issue with some supplied material. The speed and manner at which Steve and the Segerson Builders team dealt with the issue was exemplary. The main build continued as planned, while the quality issue was expertly remediated. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. For those looking for a builder for your custom home, look no further than Segerson Builders.

Bill & Julia Easton, Connecticut

I have done several projects with Segerson Builders, including most recently a massive renovation of my ca. 1820 farmhouse in Northern Westchester. We took her down to the studs, moved fireplaces, replaced windows, roofing, all electrical, moved and engineered a new chefs kitchen and renovated four bathrooms, just for starters. They were a delight to deal with on a personal level, but the craftsmanship, attention to historic detail and ability to manage complex renovation challenges were truly impressive. My home is now a showplace, but true to its historic roots and my character as owner of more than 20 years. They're the best!

Jeanne Waccabuc, New York

I had the pleasure of working with Segerson Builders on a recent project where they built the home – a charming new “barn” -- and I designed and provided the kitchen cabinetry.  They are incredibly organized and professional. No detail is missed; every schedule is tracked and followed.  Their workmanship is top notch.  They are a great team to work with and I have already recommended them and will happily do so again.

Terry Westport, Connecticut

Segerson Builders built my house from the ground up. The experience I had working with them met all my expectations. I hired them because of their reputation and it was continually confirmed. The principals and their staff are all professionals, John and Steve Segerson are extremely knowledgeable, extremely helpful and extremely nice. They have a great staff, always helpful and responsive. Their sub contractors were usually long term relationships but they always made me feel that I came first. They worked for me. Invoices were always transparent and very close to budget. Everyone was easy to talk to. My Job Site manager, Thor, was phenomenal . He could do anything and everything. I loved our weekly team meetings where we discussed the progress, raised questions, resolved challenges. Minutes of the meetings were promptly sent out by Michelle, another gem. Everyone in the office was very friendly. My house is now complete and I love it. Thank you everyone.

Leah Westport, Connecticut

Thank you for the outstanding job you and your team did in renovating our home.  Restoring a nearly 300 year old house is something most contractors would either run from, or take on without really appreciating what they were getting themselves into.  From the beginning, Segerson Builders was head and shoulders above every other contractor with whom we discussed our project.  I routinely tell people that we didn’t have a single issue with our contractor throughout the redevelopment project – a claim I’ve never heard anyone else make.  Thank you for the knowledge, competence, quality craftsmanship, work ethic, and fairness you brought to the job.

Mark & Alexandra Darien, Connecticut

We used Segerson Builders for a major renovation project, which basically consisted of knocking down an existing structure and building a new home. I had only heard horror stories from friends and family who had undertaken similar projects and assumed our experience would be no different. To my surprise, the exact opposite occurred and that is due in large part to the professionals at Segerson Builders. Not only were they able to complete the project on time and within budget, the quality of the work is top notch. They worked seamlessly with our architect and interior designer, and kept the various parties coordinated through the use of weekly web-conferences. All parties involved in the project were on the same page and Segerson Builders acted as the quarterback. Decisions were made quickly, and this kept the project moving. When we encountered unforeseen issues, the Segerson Builders team was able to quickly come up with solutions. Today, we have the house of our dreams. We couldn't be happier with the finished product. Lastly, the Segerson Builders team doesn't disappear once the job is done. Whenever little issues arose post-construction, the Segerson Builders team always made themselves available to come fix them. I am looking forward to our next project and will be sure the Segerson team is part of it.

Chris & Katherine Darien, Connecticut

There's a reason my fellow architects regularly try to include Segerson Builders on their bid list- they are professional, honest and determined to meet the project schedule. They are very organized, especially with day to day project management and paperwork. They are quality builders in the mid- upper price range for my neck of the woods. A pleasure to work with for architects and their clients.

Jonathan Wagner, AIA/Architect Weston, Connecticut

We have worked with Segerson Builders on various projects. Their work has been high quality, well managed, detail oriented and fairly priced. They are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them.

Todd & Kristin Southport, Connecticut

Living through construction is stressful. Segerson Builders were extremely accommodating and professional. Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. They guarantee their work and if I were to build again I would not hesitate to hire them.

Elizabeth Fairfield, Connecticut

It was a privilege to work with Segerson Builders on the extremely challenging restoration and renovation of our colonial home.  The entire project was completed well within the estimated time period and the final cost of the project was well within the parameters of the original budget.  Options were always made available to us at variable cost differentials, which enabled us to make informed decisions with the help of the members of the team.  The unsurpassed professionalism and courteous nature exhibited by the entire office staff and the superb craftsmanship exemplified by the construction crew is not to be equaled.  Steve Segerson’s keen sense of design and practicality contributed greatly to the overall success of the project and to our ultimate satisfaction.  Segerson Builders’ steadfast commitment and attention to every detail places them in a class above all other building contractors.  Their acknowledgement of every client concern was most respectful and considerate.  Every phase of construction, including the scheduling of subcontractors and municipal inspections, was properly planned and coordinated, resulting in a seamless flow of continuous progress without interruption.  Jeff Tallman is a man of the highest degree of integrity and his expertise is to be highly commended.  We are really proud of our “new” home and are truly thankful to Jeff and his entire firm.  We would be most honored to be called upon to provide any future reference as may be required.

Ginny - Nicholas H. Fingelly Real Estate Fairfield, Connecticut

Building a house can be a daunting experience. Segerson Builders enabled us to complete our new house on time and on budget because they worked closely with us from start to finish. Even after the house was complete, they were there to answer any questions that may have arisen.

The real proof of their exceptional craftsmanship occurred during the past winter. While friends had trouble with their roofs under piles of snow, our roof developed no problems. Segerson Builders also solved a drainage problem for us that meant we never get water in the basement. Because we have been so happy with the process of building a house in partnership with Segerson Builders, we have recommended them to anyone who is thinking about new home construction.

Karen & Richard Fairfield, Connecticut

Denise and I wanted to reach out to you and once again extend our gratitude and appreciation for the fabulous job you and your team did renovating our home. Our renovations included both an extension to our house as well as updating virtually all of the existing living space. The quality of your work as well as your meticulous attention to detail made this project a great success; we have the house of our dreams. The space that you helped to design as well as build is both breathtaking in its beauty as well as extremely functional. Your experience and professionalism as you managed this project was top notch from the drafting of the contract to the closing our any punch list items. Both Denise and I felt fortunate to have the Segerson Builders team partner with us throughout our project.

Lastly, I want to thank you and your staff for making us feel like your only client. Since the project was completed in 2010, we have remained in communication with you. Your team has responded to all of our questions and inquiries with the same level of attention as you did when we first started discussing our project. We wish you continued success and look forward to working with you again.

Denise & William Weston, Connecticut

Integrity, responsiveness and expertise. One doesn’t often associate all three words with building contractors. We do with the name Segerson Builders. We’ve been enjoying our kitchen renovation for 7 years, and are very proud to show off our beautiful kitchen to everyone who comes over. The renovation process was a positive experience. The crew was always available, and all of our questions were promptly answered. Any issues were resolved quickly and to our satisfaction. It was a pleasure to work with Jeff, and we would highly recommend Segerson Builders to all.

Peter & Irene Fairfield, Connecticut

It was a pleasure to work with Segerson Builders, as evidenced by the fact that we are still happy four years after they built our home. During the building process, there was an organized approach to each room and each item was thoroughly discussed with multiple alternative solutions to each idea.  We never felt rushed, and were always given the best advice even when our thoughts were beyond the usual. All of our desires were fulfilled and the project timeline was well planned ahead of schedule and it was achieved very much on time.

The end product is a proud achievement for Segerson Builders. We have been more than satisfied.

Nela & Octavio Southport, Connecticut

Segerson Builders enjoys a truly great reputation on the street.  I am in regular contact with building product vendors, social contacts, affluent homeowners and subcontractors all over the state, and whenever your organization’s name comes up, everyone raves about your tremendous organizational qualities, your meticulous attention to detail, and your peerless customer relations.  We agree with them, of course.

Harrison AIA - Gill & Gill Architects, LLC Norwalk, Connecticut

When my husband first mentioned to me that he wanted to build a house, I said to him, “That sounds wonderful. But, you will need to find a new wife first.”  My answer didn’t thrill him. I was terrified of the whole prospect.  He persisted, and several years later, we found ourselves with a prime piece of property in Southport, Connecticut.  We then set out to find an architect and a builder.

My husband and I interviewed multiple companies, but I vividly remember my feelings at the conclusion of our first meeting with Segerson Builders. I felt a surge of excitement and relief. I felt confident that we would be in the hands of a team that was highly experienced, organized, and HONEST.  They had a firm plan and a business model that took all the anxiety and guessing out of the equation. Soon after, we signed on the dotted line and got right to work.

We showed them a photo of our dream house and explained to them we had a high-end, beer budget, but champagne taste. They created an itemized, “no-surprises” spreadsheet and explained where we could be more frugal and where it was worth splurging. They didn’t go a dime over that agreed budget.

We told them we didn’t have an architect, but knew our floor plans had several challenging areas to layout.  Their skilled design sensibility enabled us to skip the architect, and use only a draftsman, saving us thousands of dollars

We explained that my husband travelled extensively and could not make their weekly meetings.  They showed us how to use their GOTO meeting technology. They enabled my husband to participate in every meeting, no matter what country he was in. 

We told them we were on a tight time frame.  They created a timeline by which decisions were to be finalized and tasks completed.  They gave us an expected completion date and as promised, we were able to move in ten months from the day we broke ground. 

Segerson Builders is not only a team of expert builders with a passion for what they do, but a group of people who are thoughtful, caring and genuine.  They held our hands through every step of the building process with intelligence, thoughtfulness and lots of laughter. They turned an overwhelming project into an enjoyable, rewarding labor of love.

We now have a fabulous, jaw-dropping, well-constructed house, we are immensely proud to call our home.

Stephanie & Jerry Southport, Connecticut

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the work you did on our new facility for Fairfield Equine. What I appreciated most specifically was the excellent communication that took place during the formative stages of construction.  Furthermore, the project was completed on time and easily within our budget.  Your team did an excellent job of leading us through what is normally an arduous task.

It says a lot about a builder if you are happy with them after the completion of a major project.  We were completely pleased with Segerson Builders and look forward to working with them again.

Mark, DVM Newtown, Connecticut

It has been my pleasure to be associated with Segerson Builders for over ten years. It started with a major renovation on an old Georgian colonial. Seven years later, we bought property, and a new custom home was built. This past year, they became my partners in building a custom spec home.  

I have had an excellent experience in every project. They will answer every question with complete expertise. Their attention to detail and quality of workmanship has the utmost superiority. The partners at Segerson Builders are innovative, and have the ability to bring Old World claim to new construction. I have enjoyed working with all employees at Segerson Builders, and hope to continue on with another project in the future.

Katie & George Southport, Connecticut

As an architect, it was a pleasure to work with you on what was arguably a quite challenging project. It has been two years since we completed our 3,000 square foot addition to our house. We are enjoying it thoroughly and it has performed beyond our expectations. Everyone on the team was most knowledgeable and helpful.  What was perhaps most gratifying was how creative and aggressive and creative you all were to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to implementing the design and solving the field conditions that inevitably occur.

Robert, RA, AIA Westport, Connecticut

Segerson Builders acted as the General Contractor for the Westport Country Playhouse’s 2004 renovation of its Rehearsal Barn and attached offices. The 8,000 square foot gut renovation and reconstruction project was handled by Segerson Builders in a most professional manner. They came in on budget, had numerous helpful suggestions to improve the design & specifications, executed beautifully and completed the work on time. Their communication with the owner’s representations through weekly job meetings and ad hoc meetings as necessary was thorough and conscientious. The result was perfection!  I highly recommend Segerson Builders. Please do not hesitate to call or contact me to discuss this further.

Roger Westport Country Playhouse Rehearsal Barn

I am happy to be able to recommend the services of Segerson Builders since we were extremely pleased with the work they did on our home at 130 River Street in Southport, Connecticut.  The project included extensive new construction and it was, from start to finish, a thoroughly positive experience.  

The Segerson Builders team, which included John Segerson, Rich Bilacic, and Kerstin Santa, was wonderful to work with.  As individuals, they were responsive, professional and thoroughly reliable.  The questions we had were answered in detail and to our satisfaction, and issued when they arose, were attended to quickly.  Billing was straightforward and clear, and any changes were dealt with promptly.  The work was beautifully executed and, as a rule, problems were anticipated before they arose.  I would not hesitate to recommend Segerson Builders, and especially this project team (Segerson, Bilacic and Santa), to anyone. 

Elisabeth Fairfield, Connecticut

Segerson Builders did a major renovation on our kitchen/family room in our historic home two years ago.  It was such a pleasure to work with John, Rich & Michelle – they truly made what could have been an exhausting experience an enjoyable one!  Nothing was ever “a problem” – they always went above and beyond what we expected.

We continue to enjoy and admire the outstanding work that was achieved in our home.  It is with great pride that we tell family and friends that Segerson Builders did the work!

Carla & Gerard Southport, Connecticut

When our lives were turned upside down by a major house fire, we had a huge decision in picking a superb builder to restore our home to a place to call "home".  We also had to consider resale and feel confident that prospective buyers would rest assured knowing the reputation and quality of a Segerson Builders Home, the very reputation we came to know firsthand.  The organization of the meetings; the minutes taken to ensure accountability; the follow through; the guidance when asked for; the respect for our decisions and need for time to research; the quality of work by the subs led by our project manager was off the charts; and the end product, which came in record time, is a home we are in love with.  How such a monumental project became a joyful process, filled with laughter and friendship, we will always marvel.

Deborah & John Fairfield, Connecticut

This past week marked our second anniversary in our home at 114 Westway Road, although it seems like yesterday that we were working with Segerson Builders, planning and building our dream house.

Each and every day we’re delighted with our home and its quality, design and livability.  We are grateful to your entire team for your efforts, patience and outstanding craftsmanship.  Tom, in particular, was great to work with, and provided thoughtful and responsive service every step of the way.

We’ve enjoyed showing off our home to many family and friends, and talking about the great job Segerson Builders did for us.  Thanks again for helping us create the home we’ve long dreamed about in Southport.

David & Beth Southport, Connecticut

I have been operating a construction company in New York City for the past 30 years.  We specialize in high-end residential projects and have been fortunate enough to have a number of our projects published in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and the NY Times Magazine.

However, working in Manhattan and working on an 1870-era Victorian in Putnam County, NY, are two different endeavors.  When it came time to put an addition on my own home I knew that I needed help, and Jeff was the only one I considered working with.

Segerson Builders has the unique combination of aesthetic sophistication and technical know-how that allows them to quickly and efficiently build beautiful things.  They take tremendous pride in their work and are committed 100%.  From the day the job started till the day the windows were washed, Segerson Builders had a constant presence.  They had their finger on the pulse of the job the entire way.

I can’t imagine anything more difficult than building for another builder.  Segerson Builders made the process enjoyable, and the end product was flawless.

Joe - Regele Builders, Inc. New York, New York

Several years ago my wife and I built our home with another builder; it proved to be a very difficult experience.  Last year, I decided to build a large, heated, post-and-beam car barn.  A friend of mine, Rob Wadsworth who is the owner of Vermont Barns, built the frame and recommended that Segerson Builders take care of the site work and the exterior and interior finishes.  What started out as a simple barn to our surprise evolved into something far nicer than we expected.  The whole experience was a delight.  The costs were exactly as quoted and the execution was flawless.  Weekly meetings were held throughout the construction.  All issues were dealt with promptly and professionally.  And although their office is in Fairfield, and my schedule is often uncertain, they were always there at a moment’s notice to meet with my wife or me to discuss any ideas we had.  We are planning several other projects at our house and would consider no one but Segerson Builders.

Gwen & Joel North Salem, New York

We first hired Segerson Builders to build a large out building on our property in ’94. In ’96, Segerson Builders transformed our basement into an office and a guest room, as well as added a lovely porch off the front of the house. In ’99 we once again turned to Segerson Builders to do the work on our new home, an antique farmhouse. 

The existing house was modernized with all new plumbing, heating and electrical systems. The crew performed this delicate task without in any way affecting the charm of the house. In addition, a large new section was built onto the house. We were thrilled with the finished project in every imaginable way, and everyone in the company, ranging from the foreman to the person answering the phone at the office, was a joy to work with.

As importantly, we have learned that when Segerson Builders takes you on as a client, you become a client for life. This means that if there is any follow-up work to be done, down to a loose knob on a cabinet door, they will take care of it. Further, they are happy to do small projects that normally would not be something they would take on, such as renovating a bathroom or a kitchen.

Mitchell Weston, Connecticut

Segerson Builders recently completed a project on our 1930’s home that included detailed restoration and reconstruction of historic architectural space, as well as a new construction of added space. The thought and care invested by Segerson Builders in the planning and execution of the project was impressive…. Moreover, since we lived in the house throughout the project, Segerson Builders made every accommodation for the comfort and safety of our family, and went “beyond the call of duty” to do so.

Segerson Builders’ service since the project was completed has been equally impressive…. Our issues have been slight, but attended by Segerson Builders with speed, no hassles and full accountability.

Segerson Builders' willingness to stand behind their work is a true testament to their professionalism and the quality of the individuals who manage their projects…. Our home is special to us in many ways and there is no builder other than Segerson Builders that we want to undertake future renovations or construction projects.

Michael & Danielle Westport, Connecticut

We have worked with Segerson Builders many times, on large and small renovation projects.  Our first experience with them was in 1994, when they did a major addition and renovation project for us.  We were impressed with the high quality and timeliness of their work, and they have remained our first choice of builders.  Since that first project Segerson Builders has done a number of renovation projects for us, the most recent of which was a complete kitchen renovation in 2010.

We have great confidence in Segerson Builders; we know that they do great work and that they stand behind their work; and we know that they will always perform on schedule.  We would recommend Segerson Builders without reservation.

Elissa & Hartwell Darien, Connecticut

Jeff, it’s been about a year since we initially sat down with you and Ariane to discuss the possibilities of a home renovation/addition. The work has been completed now for about four months, and we have enjoyed every day of living in our “new” home. It has been a wonderful experience dealing with you and your associates from the early planning stages right through completion.  We truly appreciate the fact that the project timeline went according to schedule and our budget objectives were maintained. Everyone that has been to our home recently has commented especially on the design and craftsmanship that went into the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the total exterior makeover.  Thank you—to you and all your associates—for doing such fine work and making our renovation/addition a positive experience.

Gerry & Melanie Weston, Connecticut

Segerson Builders is from top to bottom in a class by itself – just a first class organization.  Our renovation/addition was accomplished with a minimal amount of disruption, and great care, thoughtful consideration, skill, all in a very timely manner.  The smallest detail was never overlooked, the outcome of which has left me wishing I could do one or two other projects.  Try them – you will not be disappointed.

Barbara & Archie Southport, Connecticut

Jeff, I just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife, Lorna, and I are with our newly renovated home. We have built & renovated numerous times and were thrilled with the professionalism and honesty in your company.  The expertise of your staff was beyond our expectations! Every detail was done with perfection. The billing was self-explanatory down to the penny, and the product was finished in a timely manner.  We wish you and your employees all the best!

Jim & Lorna Westport, Connecticut

We originally hired Segerson Builders to design and build an “art studio” extension on our house in Weston.  From our first meeting, through the entire process we found them to be very professional, courteous and most importantly, we always felt that we were all part of the same team.  We were so inspired by the way the project turned out, we decided to have them rebuild our deck and completely refinish the outside of our house.  Everything was finished on time, and except for the “extras” we added as the project developed, totally, exactly on budget.

This may be hard to believe, but it was actually fun working with them and watching our house exceed all our expectations.

John & Lisa Weston, Connecticut

We have been extremely fortunate to have had the privilege of working with Segerson Builders on several occasions…namely, two major additions to our home. To tell you that we are extremely pleased with the craftsmanship and courteous nature of all who work with and for Segerson Builders would be an understatement. There is no other design team or builder we would consult. And, we are constantly told how beautiful our home is. The attention to detail and design to complement our home and setting is truly their gift to us.

We would never hesitate to recommend Segerson Builders to anyone looking for an outstanding company to work with for any size project.

Jim & Cindy Fairfield, Connecticut

Brian and I just wanted to take a moment to say: Thank you so much for building us the prettiest house in Fairfield!  Not only did you build a spectacular house but you did it in record time and on budget!  The systems you have in place and the weekly meetings kept the project on the fast track and helped to avoid any timely or costly mistakes! The entire process from estimates to completion was not only painless but enjoyable. You all work as a team and I really enjoyed being part of the team!  I loved the process of coming up with solutions and brain storming ideas at our weekly meetings.  It makes me want to do another project! 

We really appreciate all the special little touches that truly set the house apart from others.  Everyone who sees our house is wowed.  Showing it off is so much fun!  As we move through the house from room to room there are so many special features such as the transoms in the foyer, the wine cellar and barn door in the basement, the beautiful dropped ceiling in the dining room, the antique beams and flooring in the kitchen-family room, just to name a few!  There is at least one feature in every room that stands out as unique and people do take notice. The house is a perfect blend of formal and comfortable.  It is a very livable house and we really do use every room!  My first decision every morning is which room should I sit in to drink my coffee? 

We also really appreciate the high quality contractors that you brought in to work on our house.  They were all top notch, took pride in their work and were a pleasure to meet and work with.  Service going forward has been very good.  So, to sum it all up….if we were to build another house, we wouldn’t need to waste time interviewing different builders.  We know where to find all of you!!!  

Laurie & Brian Fairfield, Connecticut

Having renovated two homes, two schools, and a golf club, I can tell you that the single most important aspect of the relationship between a homeowner and a builder is trust. Trust that they will complete the project on time, on budget, and with the promised level of quality. This happens so seldom in this industry it’s become a joke. But renovating a house or building a new one is serious business and Segerson Builders takes their business seriously. They deliver what they promise -on time, on budget, and with excellent quality. I know this because that’s precisely what they delivered on my project. They are great people to work with and you can trust them to deliver what they promise.

Jim Southport, Connecticut