Brian and I just wanted to take a moment to say: Thank you so much for building us the prettiest house in Fairfield!  Not only did you build a spectacular house but you did it in record time and on budget!  The systems you have in place and the weekly meetings kept the project on the fast track and helped to avoid any timely or costly mistakes! The entire process from estimates to completion was not only painless but enjoyable. You all work as a team and I really enjoyed being part of the team!  I loved the process of coming up with solutions and brain storming ideas at our weekly meetings.  It makes me want to do another project! 

We really appreciate all the special little touches that truly set the house apart from others.  Everyone who sees our house is wowed.  Showing it off is so much fun!  As we move through the house from room to room there are so many special features such as the transoms in the foyer, the wine cellar and barn door in the basement, the beautiful dropped ceiling in the dining room, the antique beams and flooring in the kitchen-family room, just to name a few!  There is at least one feature in every room that stands out as unique and people do take notice. The house is a perfect blend of formal and comfortable.  It is a very livable house and we really do use every room!  My first decision every morning is which room should I sit in to drink my coffee? 

We also really appreciate the high quality contractors that you brought in to work on our house.  They were all top notch, took pride in their work and were a pleasure to meet and work with.  Service going forward has been very good.  So, to sum it all up….if we were to build another house, we wouldn’t need to waste time interviewing different builders.  We know where to find all of you!!!