We first hired Segerson Builders to build a large out building on our property in ’94. In ’96, Segerson Builders transformed our basement into an office and a guest room, as well as added a lovely porch off the front of the house. In ’99 we once again turned to Segerson Builders to do the work on our new home, an antique farmhouse. 

The existing house was modernized with all new plumbing, heating and electrical systems. The crew performed this delicate task without in any way affecting the charm of the house. In addition, a large new section was built onto the house. We were thrilled with the finished project in every imaginable way, and everyone in the company, ranging from the foreman to the person answering the phone at the office, was a joy to work with.

As importantly, we have learned that when Segerson Builders takes you on as a client, you become a client for life. This means that if there is any follow-up work to be done, down to a loose knob on a cabinet door, they will take care of it. Further, they are happy to do small projects that normally would not be something they would take on, such as renovating a bathroom or a kitchen.